Elaine McGloin LL.B
has now joined forces with
Buss Murton Law, offering clients greater choice and access to a full compliment of legal services.

Our offices and staff in East Grinstead remain unchanged, same friendly faces and a warm welcome but now greatly expanded with a wealth of specialist Buss Murton legal services being offered to clients. Buss Murton Law is one of the oldest law practices in Kent, tracing an unbroken line back to one John Hassell who in 1713 was working as an attorney in Cranbrook. With offices in Tunbridge Wells, Cranbrook, Dartford and now East Grinstead, all at Elaine McGloin's are looking forward to working alongside our new colleagues.
We welcome our merger with Buss Murton Law, we know you will too.

For further information on our full range of these services, click on the link above